Incorrect Tow Bar fitting leading to dash fire

An example of bad repair work leading to a worse scenario

The images you see here are from a Mazda 6 that recently came in after suffering a dash fire. The fire meant that the cars dashboard had to undergo a full strip, rewire, and reprogramme before it was fit for driving

The reason behind the dash fire was a faulty tow bar fitting, installed by a company who shall remain nameless. The client had a tow bar fitted, and then unfitted (due to poor workmanship in teh first instance), and during the unfitting substandard wiring was carried out, which ultimately led to the dash fire.

This of course meant that by the time our client came to us to repair the damage, he had already paid for 2 jobs to be carried out, had had a dangerous dash fire, and still didnt have a tow bar

This we feel is a perfect example of why you should make sure that you research your mechanic before any work takes place on your vehicle. Taking that little bit of extra time to make sure your getting quality work in the first place, could save you a lot of time and money going forward


View the pre-repair video Copyright Carntyne MOT