Overheating is generally caused by a low coolant level. A check of the coolant overflow reservoir will indicate if coolant is leaking. Generally, cars are equipped with temperature gauges or warning lights that will alert the driver to an overheating issue. Frequent overheating can cause serious and expensive engine damage. Proper maintenance of the cooling system is vital in order to maintain the quality of the coolant and to make certain the cooling system is in good operating condition.

Common reasons for overheating:

  • Dirty or low coolant level
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Non-functioning cooling fan
  • Kinked or broken radiator hose
  • Internal or external coolant leak
  • Defective radiator cap

It is important to follow your manufacturers servicing schedule. Services such as oil changes, oil and fuel filter replacement, and tune-ups are necessary in order to keep a car performing at peak condition. Maintenance items, such as the air filter, are often times overlooked but can have a significant effect on a car's drivability and performance. Regardless of a car's age, proper maintenance will help prevent potential engine problems and break downs.